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culture-based strategies for territories

Think global, act local

Designing the events, planning the strategy, communicating the values. We work on the harmonious and sustainable development of the territories, with a particular focus on Mountains and internal areas, based on the construction of virtuous cultural networks and ecosystems also with international partners, and on cultural innovation
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Scenario Montagna

Since 2005 one of the first festivals “on mountain” in Italy. Cultural sites, natural landscapes, forests, fortresses, great artists, site-specific events. The Scenario becomes the  protagonist. 

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SM Productions

Our original productions, suited for any place that has something to tell: festivals, theaters, corporate events, cultural sites. Science, Music, Cinema, History: our productions capture the emotions in it and drive them into stories to tell.

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Special events, concerts and an international masterclass: as a Scenario Montagna’s spin-off, BardonecchiArp Festival explores the harp in all its forms, innovating and experimenting.

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Territorial development projects, cultural festivals, enhancement of cultural networks. Follow us on social media, let's keep in touch.

Associazione culturale LUCAS – Libera Unione di Cultura Arte e Spettacolo
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