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The journey of “Itaca” has begun

On December 17, 2021, the journey of “Itaca: digital experiments for a new theatrical language”, a cultural innovation project winner of the CRC Foundation’s Fuori Orario Call, began. LUCAS is a partner of the project.

The presentation event to press and institutions was an immersive experience in which digital holograms traced the sign of the collaboration between theater and new technologies, with young people and students at the center of the project.

Speakers: Manuela Lamberti, President of the Noesis Association; Roberto Beccaria, President of the Lucas Cultural Association; Gimmi Basilotta, director of the Il Melarancio Company; Professor Amedeo Manuello, professor at the Polytechnic of Turin, the creator of the holographic event; Yulia Shevchenko, responsible for the digital communication of the project; in addition to the Councilor for Educational Services of the Municipality of Cuneo Franca Giordano and the member of the Board of Directors of the CRC Foundation Enrico Collidà.